Inspired Images for my Tree Magazine

This week I had trouble deciding between several artists featured on the Annenberg Space for Photography website, so I decided to follow the lead of a few different ones.


Carol Ring

This artists photographs close up texture photos of tree bark, which I decided to try out.


I also decided to make a similar image using eucalyptus leaves from different types of trees. In my magazine, these will be labeled so that the type of tree associated with each leaf is known to the viewer.

leaves on a grid


Lastly, I was also inspired by Carol Ring to put together some pictures of various parts of trees and put them together into one piece.

Plum Tree Blog Image

Pine Tree Squares

euc tree.jpg


Heather Kadar

This artist takes texture photos of natural objects and mirrors them so that they are symmetrical. I decided to do something similar with various types of tree bark.


Catherine Nelson

I based my assignment on this artist last time and had enough fun with it that I wanted to do it again with a focus on trees. It is possible that I might be able to use these for my magazine.


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